Congress Schedule

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Each days presentations go live at 12pm GMT and are live for 24 hours.

Saturday, January 30th

Business &Marketing

Personal Growth

Agile Coaching in China
with Ivana Pazek and Silvia Markovic

Create Your Future Today
with Dr. Michael Thiemann and Diana Petzold

How to Overcome Burnout, Even Better to Prevent It
with Sean Sessel and Amit Sodha

Become a Successful Super Parent
with Sue Decaro and Amit Sodha

Life & Business Lessons from a Personal Branding Expert
with Mary Henderson and Prash Kotecha

Sunday, January 31th

Health & Wellness

Mindset & Emotional Intelligence

Improve Your Sleep Improve Your Life
with Anandi Francis and Amit Sodha

Coaching Wisdom from A Master Mindset & Peak Performance with Coach
with Ash Playstead and Prash Kotecha

The EQ Advantage - How Emotional Intelligence Affects Your Work & Life In Every Way
with Ush Dhanak and Prash Kotecha

The Courage To Coach & Face The Truth
with Nigel Risner and Prash Kotecha

Helping professionals to lose weight, get fitter & create those healthy habits with Liz Jones and Silvia Markovic

How to Tackle Anxiety and Negativity to Break Through in 2021
with Sneha Ramji and Amit Sodha

Monday, February 1st

Personal Growth

Business & Marketing

Putting the Human Back into HR
with Su Patel and Amit Sodha

Empowering Graduate Students and Professionals Discover Their Career Paths and Land Their Dream Job
with Elvi Caperonis and Diana Petzold

Coaching & Mentoring Tips From A World Class Entrepreneur & Family Business Guru
with Reg Athwal and Prash Kotecha

Healthy Boundaries
with Minou Hexpoor and Diana Petzold

Blush With Me
with Parmita Katkar and Diana Petzold

Tuesday, February 2nd

Leadership & Executive
Health& Wellness

Overcoming Anxiety in Children, Teens & Adults
with Priya Amlani and Amit Sodha

Being A Leader: Leadership Wisdom From A Naval Veteran
with Enrique Acosta Gonzalez and Prash Kotecha

What is the difference between Leadership and Executive Coaching
with Shreyas Koushik and Silvia Markovic

How to Improve Your Energy
with Ashok Gupta with Prash Kotecha

Show Stress Who's Boss: The Art of Stress Management In & Out of the Workplace
with Carol Spiers and Prash Kotecha

Wednesday, February 3rd

Business & Marketing

Resilience in uncertain times
with Barbara Vercruysse with Silvia Markovic

Personal Branding - Make it Easy
with Kaushi Biddappa and Silvia Markovic

Finding Your Freedom
with Quincy Molope and Diana Petzold

Be Kind
with Dr. Jennifer Dustov and Diana Petzold

How Life Coaching Will Clarify Your Life Decisions
with Michele Gunn and Silvia Markovic

Thursday, February 4th

Mindset & Emotional Intelligence
Leadership & Executive

Believe Become BE - Boomerang Effect
with John Novak and Diana Petzold

Make your Gold Dust to make a difference in the world
with Veronica Safoa Owusk and Diana Petzold

Being a Catalyst for Change
with Andrew Bryant and Prash Kotecha

Living Bravely - Beating Self Doubt, Getting On Purpose!
with Dr. Margie Warrell and Diana Petzold

Friday, February 5th

Hosts and Special Guests

The Real Life Hitch-Be a Master at Dating and Networking
with Amit Sodha and Kim Kosteck

Own Who You are, Be Ready to Don Your Cape and Soar
with Diana Petzold and Amit Sodha

Life Isn't Always Easy - In Fact It Kinda Sucks Sometimes
with Kim Kosteck and Silvia Markovic

Bonus Blush with Me
with Parmita Katkar and Diana Petzold

3 Spiritual Keys to Life & Work Success
with Prash Kotecha and Diana Petzold

Be the Superhero you need
with Silvia Markovic and Prash Kotecha

The Core Mentor Group
with Rob Sharkey and Prash Kotecha